• 12:30PM

Judith Montier

COO, Chez Montier

"I was initially hesitant about committing the time because I was concerned that it would be more than I felt prepared to handle, mentally and emotionally, given the challenges of this past year. Thankfully, it was perfect for me. I am grateful for your support, positivity, and guidance. "

Mary Donnachie

CEO, BOMIS Coaching

"Nancy is easy to understand and to follow. She explains the purpose of the workshop and then sticks to the plan. The information provided is helpful in moving toward your goals.

CEO, Necessary Comforts

"Nancy did a wonderful job as a leader, and I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat! I felt like a got a lot out of it, and met some amazing women business owners. Nancy directed everyone extremely well and kept us circled in, and I appreciated that very much. SO, if Nancy does another retreat, I'll be there!"


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