Starting a business​ is easy!

Making it successful is not.

Most of us CorpFugees dive in headfirst believing our corporate career has equipped us for this. We think we need a logo, a website, business cards, office space, a marketing plan, a sales funnel, Facebook ads, a blog, a product name, what colors we like for our packaging...blah, blah, blah.


​What we really need is simplicity,

and a solid foundation.

Introducing The 5-Step

Practically Painless

Business Plan™ Kit

"I guarantee you'll accelerate your business success with The 5-Step Practically Painless Business Plan Kit.

A business plan does NOT need to be voluminous

to be effective.

Ours is a single page."

Nancy Chorpenning

The Original Corporate Refugee


Our Kit is packed with laser-focused nuggets to Transform your Business Dream . . .

into your Business Reality

  • Writing a business plan can be daunting. Not so with our "Practically Painless" approach.

  • Get started FAST with easy-to-use Fill-in-the-Blanks

  • Create clarity and alignment by nailing down your Vision and Mission FIRST

  • FOCUS on what’s important by identifying Measurable Results from your Business Objectives

  • Stay on track and maintain momentum by creating simple SMAARTER™ Goals and action steps to guide those important first weeks and months

In short order, you'll...

  • Understand what's IMPORTANT and what's URGENT in your Business
  • Know your PRIORITIES that tie in directly to your Business Success
  • Feel more FOCUSED and CONFIDENT that you're using your time wisely (hello, Time Management!)
  • Have learned a critical SKILL that you can use over, and over, and over throughout your career


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