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CEO School for Women™
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  • You've built your Dream Business at last
  • But you're feeling — well, a little bit overwhelmed
  • There's so MUCH to do — how do I get over that next hurdle?
  • How about learning and brushing up on business skills on your OWN schedule in a confidential Online Learning Portal
  • How about accessing the entire program with an internet connection from wherever you are
  • How about getting expert training, support & guidance via LIVE Virtual Coaching with the CEO School Founder & Faculty
  • How about gaining accountability partners through Peer-Mentoring in a LIVE Video Mastermind Circle, plus monthly luncheon confabs in Atlanta
  • How about preparing with a FREE Half-Day Virtual Intensive Training - Creating Your CEO School 5-Step Practically Painless Business Plan™ for 2019
  • How about a March 2020 5-Day Self-Care Business Cruise Getaway, exclusively for Women Business Owners, to work ON your 2020 and on your self-care

Meet Some CEO School Alumnae

Judith Montier

COO, Chez Montier

"Thank you, Nancy, for creating a space where professional women who are pursuing their dreams of careers that feed our souls as well as our pocketbooks, can come together, learn from, empower and support each other."


“So glad to be a part of the Tribe!


Diane Myer

CEO, icre8t Results &
Equus Wisdom & Coaching 

"Nancy helped me to focus on my business, even as I was feeling very overwhelmed. She taught me techniques and processes that allow me to see the bigger picture.

"My business grew from just myself to a team of 6 people in less than year, and having the support of other women who were going through the same thing made ALL the difference. I could let my guard down, ask for help, and have a circle of women who truly understood the effort it takes to succeed. Thank you, Nancy, for coaching me on how to work ON my business and not only IN it."

Jennifer McKenna

CEO, JMac Consulting

​"In our first session, Nancy got to the root of my issue, provided me with invaluable insights and recommendations, offered up referrals for other resources, and held me accountable to healthy doses of self-care so that I can maintain the course. 


​"Her wisdom is vast, her compassion runs deep, and her knowledge is priceless. If you haven’t done so yet, work with her!!"


Hi there! I'm Nancy Chorpenning


I founded CEO School for Women™because it is the program I needed to help me when I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey in 2006.

  • I was incredibly lonely
  • I didn't know what I didn't know
  • I didn't know local resources
  • I didn't know how to scale 
  • I didn't know how to plan my exit
  • I didn't have a Circle of other Women Business Owners to learn from and as accountability partners

I'm confident you’ll find the skills and support here that you’re looking for, too.


You don't have to go it alone!

P.S. Wanna know more about my story? Click on my name for my LinkedIn profile. and read my "manifesto" by clicking on my picture.


Why CEO School?

  • ​​Get a Grip on Your Business

    Overwhelm and FOCUS are the most common complaints of business owners. For example, we cover which problems to tackle first, how to prioritize, and best practices for time management and effective decision-making.

  • Skills That Last a Lifetime

    Foundations are essential to build and grow every business. You will gain planning skills for every stage of your business, from long-range strategic planning to your day-to-day action plans.

  • Work with Experts & Other Owners

    NO ONE is expert at everything. You'll learn when and how to hire an expert. And we introduce proven, talented women experts to help you delve deeper into legal matters, marketing, finance, HR, all those issues that can create headaches. PLUS you have peers to learn from and work together with, too.

  • Increase Your Success

    Save time and $$ by creating and testing your business model with a Minimum Viable Product, Value Proposition, and Customer Personas.

  • Develop Deep Self-Confidence

    Your business success depends on your commitment, and confidence to lead. CEO School equips you to be an effective advocate for your company, gaining belief in your abilities in the process.

  • Serious About Business

    CEO School may not be a "school" in the conventional sense, but we are serious about our businesses. At the same time, we enjoy the camaraderie and support from like-minded women, and even an occasional glass of vino! 

CEO School for Women™ Business Growth Accelerator

What You Get with Your VIP Membership

  • Video Learning Modules

    Is anyone busier than a Woman Business Owner? We make it possible for you to access the Learning Modules when YOUR schedule allows. Our private online learning portal is available 24/7. Our skill-based learning modules include videos, checklists, templates, tools, and readings, and room for discussion.

  • MasterClasses

    Sometimes, learning skills requires intensive attention. For those times, we provide virtual trainings (and some in-person trainings). This allows you to get important business instruction with time to implement it for your own business. For example, CEO School is hosting a virtual half-day intensive on Building Your Own Practically Painless Business Plan for new members. This $397 value is included in your incubator membership.

  • Say Goodbye to Overwhelm

    Overwhelm is one of the commonest characteristic of entrepreneurs. Skills like FOCUS and Time Management, Community, Being Heard (not FIXED), Knowing The RIGHT Issues to address at the RIGHT time, and experienced and expert faculty all help you conquer the beast.

  • Never Underestimate the Power of a Circle of Women

    One of our superpowers at CEO School™ is curating groups of women business owners. We believe in the  importance of community and peer relationships. Even if you don't have a board of advisors or a support system in place, we will be your accountability partners and celebrate your wins.

  • Group and Individual Coaching

    Our scheduled video meetings allow you to block these important times on your calendar and anticipate times to discuss your issues and questions. You will learn as much from the problems of others as you will from your own questions. And you can bring your current, real-life business issues for individual coaching..

  • Your Master Business Coach

    Meet our Founder, Nancy Chorpenning. (Click on her name for more about her remarkable background!) Unlike other courses, Nancy is your primary instructor and coach. You want to learn from someone who's seen it all and understands what you need, and is generous with her support and solutions. Even if you can't afford a 1:1 coach, you will learn to problem-solve with Nancy's kind but firm hand to guide you.

We have a 100%

No-Questions-Asked Guarantee


If, at any time during the first two weeks of the program, you determine CEO School for Women™ isn't a good fit for you right now, you just let us know in writing, and we will refund your payment and cancel your subscription.


However, we’d much rather help you figure out if CEO School is a good fit before you give us any money! So if you’re on the fence, send Nancy a quick message here: m.me/chorpenning and we’ll figure out if this program is perfect for you or not!

We look forward to welcoming you!

Never Underestimate the Power of a Circle of Women

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