CEO School for Women™ invites you to an intimate, unique, and transformational

All-Inclusive RETREAT & RENEWAL experience, exclusively for

Women Entrepreneurs.

5 Days + 4 Nights =
A New Perspective

It's our CEO School Brand Promise:

Never Underestimate the

Power of a

Circle of Women.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • I need someone to help guide me, who UNDERSTANDS Women Entrepreneurs

    In addition to seasoned business veteran Nancy Chorpenning (she has 25 years as a Corporate Executive, has served as a National Board Director for the National Association of Women Business Owners, and...her first startup was WebMD), you will be among an AMAZING group of EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED women entrepreneurs who share generously and believe in Women helping Women

  • I canNOT get any thinking done in my office

    We get it. Too many interruptions, too much "working IN your business." That's why we are taking you OUT of your usual environment to a place where YOU and your Business are the focus! We all need time to work ON our business. And everyone loves the beach, right? Those wonderful negative ions...

  • I work best within a defined STRUCTURE that will give me the tools and DIRECTION I need

    We believe there are certain skills that are "evergreen" and that we use over and over to develop solid foundations for our business. THAT is our focus in CEO School. It is about PRACTICAL skills you can use NOW and tomorrow.

  • I need HELPFUL feedback, and (kickass) guidance to get me on the right path, and KEEP me there.

    You, too? Hey, we all struggle with momentum, accountability, and forward progress. And sitting alone at our computer doesn't help. We need a TRIBE of BADASSES who LISTEN, kick our butts when we need it, hug it out, and speak TRUTH in a safe and trusting environment.

Here's Our Antidote!

  • Join A Tribe of Accomplished Women Entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU

    Most of us are way too solitary in our work, and we need perspectives of people who GET IT. Who better than to be in the company of Experienced, Talented, Successful, Generous Women Entrepreneurs! Connections galore!

  • You DESERVE time to enjoy the salt air, sun, sand, quiet...

    You are constantly on the run, aren't you? You NEED to take care of yourself. Of your MIND. Your BODY. As well as your business.

    You WILL learn to put on your own oxygen mask here.

  • Inspiration comes to she who WORKS it

    There are business skills that are worth learning and spending time on, then there are those that don't serve your purpose or needs. Let's focus on the evergreen ones!

  • Starting a business is easy; making it successful is not.

    Things change. We change (if we're doing it right and learning). If our business does NOT change, we're in trouble. Learn the practices and skills that will keep you humming and ahead of the game.

You DON'T Have to

Go It Alone!

STRENGTH is asking for help so we can GROW and LEARN.

What To Expect


Welcome to 2020 VISION: Mind, Body, & Biz

Travel to Fort Myers Airport in the afternoon, where we'll meet you and transport you to Fort Myers Beach, and your Beach House before 7PM!

  • Meet & Introduce Yourself & Your Business

  • Enjoy cocktails, amazing fresh seafood, and lovely healthy food at our Beach House

  • Orientation for the Retreat, including Writing our Intentions in our Journals


Celebrate Successes, Challenges, and Lessons of 2019

Most of our Friday will be spent looking back over this year - the good, bad, and ugly - and what lessons we take into the New Year.

  • Wins, Misses, & Close Calls

  • Connections & Support You Received & Needed

  • 2019 VICTORY PARTY & "Cleansing" Ritual to Thank 2019 and Finish STRONG & CLEAR for 2020


Inspire and Be Inspired

Here's where we really get down to making 2020 a reality! Learn our proprietary approaches (RE)Visioning to access your creative juices and getting them to flow freely! 

  • Through guided meditation, exercises, and discussions, you'll learn and practice locating and elucidating your unique "Success Destination" for 2020. This is a skill you can use repeatedly over the life of your business.

  • Work in small groups to hone your message to ultimate CLARITY

  • Have lunch with, and be inspired by local entrepreneur Rose O'Dell King, Founder of Rosy Tomorrow's Heritage Farm, former sheep farmer, Culinary Institute trained chef, and Certified sommelier. (Optional)


Putting It All Together

With clarity of purpose and priorities, you are ready to set forth on your 2020 Success Destination Plan to take home with you! 

  • You will have time to write down your reactions and thoughts from our growth discussions

  • YOU get to take the SPOTLIGHT SEAT to present your 2020 Vision and ask for the feedback you need from your peers!

  • You also get to ask the group to help source the resources you need to achieve your fabulous 2020 Vision for Success!


I know you have questions -- we have answers!

What about lodging?

What about meals while I'm at the retreat?

I have a special diet and/or allergies.

Will there be WiFi?

I prefer not to have a roommate. What are my options?

What is your refund policy?

Can I arrive early or extend my stay?

How do I get to my Beach House from the airport? And from the Beach House to the airport to return home?

Can we discuss a particular business topic I'm struggling with?

I have other questions that aren't covered here...WHY should I attend?

May I bring someone with me? Spouse? Kids?

Which airlines fly into Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers? (RSW)

What is the attire for this weekend?


where you'll relax...walk to the beach...

and enjoy late-night snacks and chats

For your ultimate comfort and relaxation, we've found some gorgeous spots for your stay on Fort Myers Beach. Add to these pictures some salt air, lovely warmth (November is THE best month), white sand beaches...ahhhh

Meet Some CEO School Alumnae


Judi Knight

Owner & Founder, New Tricks Web
Owner & Host, Urban Oasis Bed & Breakfast

"I just loved the CEO School retreat. Being in such a beautiful environment was terrific but that was the icing on the cake.

Nancy created an environment where a small group of women business owners could come together for a few days to work and play. We got to know each other, trust each other. We shared our experiences of what was working, and what we needed to do to meet our larger goals.

To take time away from the daily grind and bond with other women who have remained my friends was priceless."

Diane Myer

"Nancy helped me to focus on my business, even as I was feeling very overwhelmed. She taught me techniques and processes that allow me to see the bigger picture.

"My business grew from just myself to a team of 6 people in less than year, and having the support of other women who were going through the same thing made ALL the difference. I could let my guard down, ask for help, and have a circle of women who truly understood the effort it takes to succeed. Thank you, Nancy, for coaching me on how to work ON my business and not only IN it."

Mollye Rhea

"The biggest value of the CEO retreat for me was taking the opportunity to get out of my day-to-day mindset to reflect on the bigger picture. 

Sharing and learning from other leaders in the same position helped open my thinking, leading to greater creativity and, eventually, clarity on where to focus my growth strategies."

It's Time to Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask

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Transforming Mind, Body, and Business



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